Dreamy Springs Mattress

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The Dreamy Springs models have an inner core formed by steel springs, in various shapes and sizes, depending on the desired firmness.

The springs are covered by a protective layer of natural materials like coconut fiber and horsehair. Midsummer uses only white horsehair and layers it by hand. This guarantees resilience, optimal softness and breathability.

The outmost layers are different on the two sides of the mattress: the summer side has an organic cotton and IngeoTM padding, while the winter side uses cashmere, camelhair, organic cotton and linen.

The mattresses are completely quilted with a long work that request skilled artisans. They are edged with a ribbon in the house color and the MIDSUMMER logo on the side handles.

Four different degrees of firmness are available: firm, medium firm, medium soft and soft.


Box with a 2cm coconut plate, 3000 independent micro springs (for the double size mattress) with air suspension system.


Box with a 1cm coconut plate, organic cotton layer, 7 zone independent springs, 1600 springs (for the double size mattress).


Box with a 1cm coconut plate, organic cotton mat, single zone independent springs, 800 springs (for the double size mattress).


An outer topper in goose down, silk, horsehair or wool provides increased softness.

As the mattresses are made with natural materials the profile can give 1-2cm after prolonged use.


Two heights for the mattresses: 22 and 30cm. Boh the mattreses have the same composition but the h30 have double springs layers.

As the mattresses are made with natural materials they can give 1-2cm with use.

Sizes (cm)

  • 200 × 200
  • 160 × 200
  • 100 × 200
  • King 193 × 203
  • Queen 153 × 203

Height (cm)

  • 22
  • 30


External cover in white cotton/viscose fabric. Quilted by hand

Padding for the summer side: organic cotton and IngeoTM

Padding for the winter side: cashmere, camelhair, organic cotton, raw linen

Horsehair layered by hand

Perimeter pads in coconut, approx 70kg per cubic meter

Perimeter band in white hand quilted cotton, with air vents for air circulation and sewn handles for easier transport

Indipendent springs pocketed in pure cotton bags