Terms and Conditions


The prices indicated are to the public, ex retailer. The prices do not include charges for transport from the sales outlet to the product’s final destination, nor any possible costs of assembly.
The prices indicated are based on economic conditions as of the time of publication of the price list. They are subject to change, within legal limits, in case of changing economic conditions. Orders for delivery after more than 90 days will be processed using the prices in effect at the time of delivery. 


Terms of delivery

The terms of delivery on the order confirmation are non-binding indications. Penalties or eventual responsibility for delays will not be accepted. When an order includes more than one model, the company reserves the right to make partial deliveries, and corresponding partial billings. 


Delivery and transport 

Delivery will be considered valid even if effected by a shipping company or other third party. It is the responsibility of the client to fully examine, upon delivery, the number of packages, weight of the merchandise, and the condition of the packing. All discrepancies must be reported on the bills of lading. Pieces damaged during shipping will be replaced only when the company has received a photocopy of the bill of lading with the proper notations. These notations must also be present on the shipping company’s copy of the bill of lading. 


Color variations

The sample colours - paints, fabrics and other materials - are only indications, as it is technically impossible to guarantee that the samples remain constant over time. Products exposed to direct sunlight may be subject to fading. 



Clients should meticulously follow washing instructions. In any case, it is always better to entrust washing to qualified professionals or dry cleaners. On request we upholster our products with the customer’s own fabric. Frugone 1885 in any case, won’t be responsible for the formal result, the fabric’s wear and the costancy of colours. 



Complaints regarding missing merchandise, errors or hidden damages must be communicated to the company by means of a registered letter, sent no more than eight days after the date of consignment. The lack of such a communication, within this period, will be taken as tacit acceptance of the merchandise on the part of the client. 


Cancellation of orders

After the issuance of the confirmation, the order may not be cancelled by the client without the company’s express written authorisation. 



Merchandise may not be returned without the company’s express written authorisation. Any returns must be effected in conformity with the shipping procedures of the company, at the expense of the customer, and delivered only to our warehouse.



Frugone 1885 reserves the right to make modifications to parts or details of their products, necessary for manufacturing or commercial reasons, without prior notification. 



Any claims or controversies must be processed under the jurisdiction of the court of Genova.