Italian artisans

Our mattresses are hand-made for each customer by expert craftsmen, who have been doing the job for generations and know every single step of the work. In Italy we have the best artisans in the world and the best work for us. The comfort of our beds is also the result of their artisan expertise.

Cesare, Bilio, Andrea

Genarations of Italian artisans making luxury beds


Bilio was born in 1927, worked all his life in the wools and inherited the work from his father, mattress maker in the 19th century. Cesare is a son of art and Andrea learned the craft from Cesare. No one better than them knows how to deal with the special and complicated manufacture of our mattresses. 

Claudio and Raffaele

Satisfied Italian artisan


The first time I met Claudio and Raffaele, they had some Luigi Sixteenth Chairs in the laboratory. They were making the strings under the chair and to my amazement they were reusing the same padding of 1750. They said to me: “the natural material never degrades, lasts your whole life and far beyond.” 

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