Pilates in Bed

 Is there a way to get better quality sleep?

The hustle of our busy days often follows us into the bedroom. We get to bed being tense and wired, we struggle to fall asleep and we sleep badly.

Sometimes it is enough to insert a small hiatus between the day’s activities and the moment to go to sleep. A few minutes of Pilates exercises might be enough to clear the mind and relax the tenseness of the day.

Our teacher is Claudia Urbano, the founder and lead instructor of the renowned Pilates Cesare da Sesto 24 Milano.

Claudia suggests a couple of short exercises to do in bed before going to sleep. You may alternate them or repeat them a couple of times. It takes less than 10 minutes.

The bedroom should be quiet, cool, well ventilated, not too bright. The mattress should be firm and the pillows not too puffy.

The exercises will mobilize the joints, rebalance the muscles which have too much tone at the end of the day and unblock the diaphragm to facilitate deep natural breathing. Not only that, but they also influence the parts of the nervous system which induce sleep.

 Night routine one:

 Night routine two:

 Night routine three:


In the morning, to start the day in a positive and upbeat manner, Claudia suggests gradually reactivating the muscles with a different sequence of exercises. They will loosen the joints and oxygenate all the tissues.

The bedroom, always well ventilated, should be well lit, by direct daylight if possible.

Also in this case the exercise sequence will take less than 10 minutes.

Morning routine one:

 Morning routine two: