About us

Chiara Mennini - Midsummer Milano


What is Midsummer Milano?

Midsummer Milano is an Italian producer of luxury mattresses and beds. Our products are all handmade and crafted by experienced Italian artisans

What is special about Midsummer Milano?

The market is full of options, but we believe the determining factor is the value to the customer. For us, the mattress is no longer something to hide but a crucial part of the bedroom and an investment in the health of our clients.

To maximise the value, we use Loro Piana Interiors fabrics, the best on the market. The Loro Piana Interiors label on our products is a warranty of superior quality.

Finally, Midsummer Milano has a special style and mood. Our products are designed not only to be comfortable but to be looked at with pleasure. 

Who stands behind Midsummer Milano?

Midsummer Milano was founded by Chiara Mennini, an Italian architect. Her passion and knowledge led her to start a company aiming to create exceptional bedrooms. The touch of her design is light and elegant. 

Midsummer Milano is not just a company but a community of professionals with a common aim to produce the highest quality beds and mattresses.

What are our values?

Italian Design

A Midsummer Milano bedroom is both timeless and contemporary because it combines hand manufacturing with Italian design and precious natural materials such as cashmere, silk, linen and wood with old techniques. At Midsummer Milano, we aim to harmonize our sleep rhythms with those of the environment.

Natural and precious materials

We only use the best natural and sustainable materials for our mattresses and boxsprings: cashmere, vicuña, wool, horsehair, silk and others.

Made to measure handmade products

Over the years, we have selected a small group of experienced Italian artisans. Each of them is excellent in his field. Therefore, since each piece is handmade, we provide unique tailored products that fit perfectly the client’s demands. The beds come in any size you want, as do the mattresses and sheets. Besides, you can select the firmness, the number of layers, the padding materials, the clolours and the design. 


Our decisions determine the environmental footprint we leave behind. Mattresses pose a problem because of the difficulty of their disposal. Hence, both our springs and paddings are recyclable. However, sustainable development policies cannot rely solely on recycling. Therefore, to minimize the consumption of raw materials, our products are designed to be almost everlasting.

We care about your health and the quality of your sleep. Hence, all mateials and ergonomics of our mattresses serve to foster them.