Wallcovering and fabrics

To meet the specific needs of every client in creating his own unique environment, Midsummer-Milano has created a collection of precious printed textiles for bedspreads, wall coverings, curtains and pillows.

The choice of fabrics and colors is an important part of the Midsummer-Milano project. The right combination of shapes and colors creates a bedroom environment in which harmony improves the well-being of those who live it.

Our prints are born from this idea: dreamlike, colorful, rigorous, geometric. We create unique prints and colors, constantly updated to reflect the esprit-du-temps, so that every client may shape his own unique project.

Combining the skills of our founder and those of our graphic designers, we can also create on request bespoke drawings and color combinations.

Textile printing is a complex world. There are nearly infinite possible combinations of fabrics, printing techniques, tone selection, finishing techniques; the mix of these elements leads to radically different results. Digital printing has evolved over the years both from a technical and a creative point of view; it now equals or surpasses the definition and color rendition of the traditional print.

It is an innovative and high quality technology that is particularly suitable for complex, rich color shades and details and very high-definition rendering. The fabric remains silky to the touch since the sprayed color completely penetrates the fibers and with the heat becomes intimately part of it. This unique process will make a four color print washable and treatable.

Our graphic designers interpret the client’s requests, understand his desires, help with the choice of designs and fabrics and transform a design idea into a finished product