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Vicuña Mattress

For this amazing Vicuña mattress Midsummer- Milano mixes the most valuable fibers: wool, cashmere and silk combined with a thick layer of precious vicuña wool, the thinnest, warmest and most desirable fiber in the world.

Each fiber in the combination we use has a distinct role in improving the condition of our body during sleep. Like a haute couture gown that perfectly fits the body following its details, so do the Midsummer-Milano mattresses ensure breathability and maximum comfort. The mattress is completely hand made, and can be customized for every client. It needs three days of two skilled artisans to assemble.

The handmade mattresses, and especially this heritage Vicuña mattress are the cornerstone of the Midsummer-Milano project. They guarantee superior comfort and quality of sleep.



Sizes (cm)

  • 200 × 200
  • 160 × 200
  • 100 × 200
  • King 193 × 203
  • Queen 153 × 203


      13 Layers:

      1. Cotton/viscose fabric*, handles with the Vicuña logo

      2. Vicuña (2kg)

      3. Silk padding

      4. Pure scottish wool + cashmere 

      5. Coconut pad-perimeter pads in pure wool felter

      6. Wool felter 

      7. Springs 

      8. Wool felter

      9. Coconut pad.perimeter pads in pure wool felter 

      10. Pure scottish wool 

      11. Silk padding 

      12. Raw linen 

      13. Cotton/viscose fabric


      * Mattress can be made of cotton/viscose, white or printed, or in Silver X-static, antimicrobic and antistatic



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