Ultra Dry Mattress

Designed to be breathable and fit all spines
Midsummer takes up the properties of vegetable horsehair, used over the centuries, to create a contemporary mattress. The idea of Ultra Dry starts from the way of sleeping of the wealthy Italians during the past centuries. For greater comfort and isolation they used to sleep on two mattresses: one made of wool or  horsehair, warm and soft and one made of vegetable hair, fresh and absorbent. True comfort tailored to each season. Infact, it is really different to have a summer and a winter side of the mattress or to have a real summer mattress and a real winter mattress, each s suitable for the season. 

With the Mediterranean palm leaf frayed and curled and treated to form ropes that will never lose the curl, we create the best mattress possible for the summer season, which leaves the body perfectly dry and cool. Each mattress and topper is completely handmade for exceptional comfort. For the cold season a warm and comfortable material such as Cheviot wool, cashmere and silk, while for the warm season the padding is made up of linen, Ingeo and palm leaves. You can choose to pair the summer with the winter mattress or add a warm winter topper to the summer mattress.



960 pocket springs · Ø 1,9 mm
960 pocket springs · Ø 1,8 mm
960 pocket springs · Ø 1,7 mm + 960 cover pocket
Two rows of hand side stiching. Edged with a ribbon in Midsummer pink Handles with the Midsummer logo Air vents
*Available on request in Falkland wool

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