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Fashion passes style remains.

The rich and soft cushions are curled around the headboard and rest on a precious inlay in Canaletto walnut. These are the defining details of this bed with a very masculine look. The base is a lightweight weft of hand-woven ribbons each individually attached to the metal chassis, and adjusted to optimally support the body’s weight.

Sizes (cm)

  • 200 × 200 - headboard 200 × 30 × 107h
  • 160 × 200 - headboard 160 × 30 × 107h
  • 100 × 200 - headboard 100 × 30 × 107h
  • King 193 × 203 - headboard 193 × 30 × 107h
  • Queen 153 × 203 - headboard 153 × 30 × 107h

Others custom sizes available on request.


The headboard has a core in metal sections, padded with polyurethane foam. The cushions are polyurethane covered by goose down to provide softness and comfort to the support of the head. The base is a metal frame with a 40 × 30 mm section and a grey finish, assembled with metal angles and padded with polyurethane. The slatted base is made of braided nylon straps. Each strap is secured to the frame with a single hook and can be moved and adjusted in order to give optimal weight support and sleeping comfort. The height of the base can be adjusted by moving the supporting brackets to three different positions: 8 cm, 10 cm or 13 cm from the edge of the bed. The lining of the upholstered parts is white cotton.
Headboard, bed and cushions have a pleated fixed cover. The lining has the Midsummer logo. The covers of both the headboard and bed cannot be removed.

Cover available in:
100% Cashmere
Cashmere / Wool / Silk
The 20 cm high legs have a square section and are slightly flared.
Made of solid walnut or oak, they are treated with natural wax.
Felt protection underneath.

Delivery Times

Available in 6-8 weeks.

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