Classic, rich, precious like a Roman statue
The mattress comes out of its stereotype of an element to be hidden and becomes a precious piece of furniture, in the wonderful palette of Loro Piana Interiors linen. It is a masterpiece that you proudly expose and coordinate with the boxsprings and the color of your bedroom to create a unique mood. 

This precious mattress is beautiful to look at and contains the best natural materials. The winter side is padded with silk, Cheviot wool and horsehair, which give warmth and breathability while the summer side is padded with linen / ingeo horsehair, cotton, silk, Cheviot wool. Precious outside and precious inside.
The mattress has two special toppers: a fresh linen summer topper and a soft and warm winter topper in 100% Loro Piana Interiors cashmere. Both toppers have an inner core of micro springs.


Linen Upholstery:

Cashmere Upholstery:


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