A reflexion of extravagance and ultra-comfortable feel to it
Lying on a circular bed gives you the subconscious trick to be more comfortable and at ease. With a round bed mattress not only you tend to feel more playful but also feel much more freedom out of the confines of a rectangular mattress.

The Giotto mattress has an inner core made of pocket springs enclosed within two layers of horsehair. In this mattress, the ergonomics are given by the different diameters of the springs thread, which support more or less depending on the support required.The Giotto is characterized by a precious winter upholstering made up of silk, mohair, Cheviot wool and horsehair. For the summer, the mattress is made up with a fresh and absorbing upholstering made of linen/IngeoTM, cotton, Cheviot wool and horsehair 



1600 3 zones micro pocket springs


1600 5 zones micro pocket springs


1600 7 zones micro pocket springs + 1600 mini pocket springs micro


Four rows of side stitching Edged with a ribbon in Midsummer pink Air-vents Handles with the Midsummer logo

*Available on request in Falkland wool

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