First Dream Mattress

Designed to conform to the spine's natural curves and to keep the spine in alignment when you lay down.

A real sleeping experience, soft but supporting. The first Dream mattress with its overlapping springs is a highly comfortable mattress. In this mattress, the ergonomics are given by the different diameter of the thread of the springs, which support more or less depending on the support required. It is a mattress that everyone likes, and that supports every back.The wool and cashmere of the winter side provide warmth and breathability, while the linen and wool of the summer side provide thermal insulation and freshness.


Monozone 960+960 pocket springs · Ø 1,9 mm
Monozone 960+960 pocket springs · Ø 1,8 mm
Monozone 960+960 pocket springs · Ø 1,7 mm + 960 cover mini pocket springs


Four rows of side stiching Edged with a ribbon in Midsummer pink Air-vents Handles with the Midsummer logo

*Available on request in Falkland wool

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