Designed to support different sleep positions: Side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers
We called the sleeping system Capri for the pleasantness that gives you when you lie down, like the sun of Capri in spring. The topper and the mattress/boxspring system allow the body to be supported in the best possible way, depending on the position. The topper yields under the weight of the shoulder and ankle while the mattress and the boxspring support the back best way. If sleeping on your stomach you have the flexibility of the topper that allows you to position yourself in the best possible way. Capri is our sleeping system with the slightest proportions. It offers unparalleled comfort with just the two elements of the topper and a base that brings together the mattress and the boxspring. 

The topper has an inner core of micro springs, which allow the product to last over time, guaranteeing during time the same performances as when the product is purchased. Over the micro-springs there are layers of natural products such as Cheviot wool, silk. This 10 cm high topper is hand quilted. The base of the sleeping system is composed of a fir structure, with beech slats. On these are fixed two layers of pocket springs, separated by a pure wool felt and surrounded by a layer of horsehair. The second layer of springs acts like a real mattress, with three, five or seven lift zones depending on the desired firmness. A layer of Cheviot wool and a linen layer are laid over the springs. The base is upholstered with the Loro Piana Interiors Mystic river linen in a great variety of colors. 


H 50 cm - legs h 10 cm.

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