"Quel ramo del lago di Como, che volge a mezzogiorno, tra due catene non interrotte di monti…." - Alessandro Manzoni

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a mattress that best regulates body temperature and eliminates body sweat to the fullest?

Bellagio is our new mattress. Its name, in honor of the splendid town on Lake Como, also derives from the lake's climate, cold during winter and humid.

The outer lining is in precious natural raw linen, doubled in cotton for greater resistance, and edged with a contrasting orange piping. A feature of this mattress are the precious side seams by hand in orange waxed thread.

Inside, the natural materials make it incredibly warm and welcoming for the winter season and cool and dry in the summer.

It is padded with precious yak and Cheviot wool in the winter side, and wool, silk and linen in the summer side.

It is built in Italy by skilled craftsmen completely by hand. An unprecedented masterpiece of Italian creativity.

H 25 
100 x 200; 160 x 200; Queen 153 x 203; 180 x 200; 200 x 200; King 193 x 203;

Other measures available on request 

Upholstery for the winter side: Yak, Cheviot wool.
Summer side: Cheviot wool, Silk, Linen+IngeoTM



FIRM monozone 960+960 mini-pocket springs · Ø 1,9 mm
MEDIUM monozone960+960 mini-pocketsprings·Ø 1,8mm
SOFT monozone 960+960 mini-pocket springs · Ø 1,7 mm + 960 cover mini pocket springs

Ticking: Raw linen, Cotton supported.
Two rows of orange side stiching edged with an orange ribbon, Air-vents 

*Available on request in Falkland wool 


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