Vivaldi Plus

Sometimes, a composer can start from a symphony and, with just a few touches, transform it into something new and wonderful: for our discerning customers, we offer our Vivaldi mattress in a Plus version, with a revised spring system and the magical warmth provided by a layer of pure Cashmere from Mongolia.

The inner core consists of two layers of 800 pocket springs, to which an additional layer of 960 cover springsis now added on the summer side; for unparalleled comfort


H 25 

100 x 200; 160 x 200; Queen 153 x 203; 180 x 200; 200 x 200; King 193 x 203;

Other measures available on request 

Upholstery for the winter side: wool and Cashmere+silk
Upholstery for the summer side: wool, cotton+IngeoTM


FIRM 7 zones 800 pocket springs · Ø 1,9/2.00 mm+ 7 zones 800 pocket springs · Ø 1,9/2.00 mm + 960 cover springs

MEDIUM 7 zones 800 pocketsprings · Ø1,8/1,7mm+ 7 zones 800 pocket springs · Ø 1,8/1,7 mm + 960 cover springs

SOFT 7 zones 800pocket springs Ø 1,6/1,5mm+ 7 zones 800 pocket springs · Ø 1,6/1,5 mm+ 960 cover springs

Box: wool felt

Three rows of side stiching
Edged with a ribbon in Midsummer
Handles with the Midsummer logo
Cotton lining

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