Giotto Round

A round bed is an experience in itself: lying on a round bed gives you the unconscious trick of being more comfortable and at ease. With a round mattress you not only tend to feel more playful, but also feel much freer from the confines of a rectangular mattress.

We at Midsummer-Milano have decided to make this experience even more unique by offering you a novel solution.

The "Giotto" sleeping system consists of a round topper mattress with a diameter of 245 cm, lying on two semi-circular sommiers, made of a wooden frame with pocket springs, held together and enclosed in a customisable upholstery made, like the mattress, in the finest combinations of Loro Piana Interiors fabrics.

The result is a new dimension of rest. The comfort guaranteed by the sommier and the topper, combined with the liberating and invigorating experience of sleeping on a round bed, and the unique aesthetics guaranteed by the unprecedented shape and colours of the sleeping system, cannot but lead to one outcome: "Giotto" is magnetic, inexorably attracting those who experience it in an infinite circle.

The product is available in two main versions: diameter can be of 225 or 245 cm, both with a height of 55 cm, and both can be realized in  different materials and degrees of customization.

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