How we manufacture your products


The all-around sustainable approach we adopt at Midsummer involves making sure that our products are crafted by the most skilled artisans. Our founder loves to recall that, when she first met our artisans, they were working on a Luigi XVI Chair by using the same materials it originally featured. That's what we aim to achieve with our mattresses: a product of timeless value.

Our craftsmen are children and grandchildren of craftsmen who have always done that job and have a deep knowledge of natural materials. Our mattresses are the result of a long manufacturing process. When we create your mattress, we don't count the manufacturing in minutes or even hours: we use the necessary time to obtain a perfect work of art that will be comfortable and valuable for a life.

Relying on our few, selected artisans means upholding a tradition that has carried on for decades. Sustainability is also this: caring about our community, our traditions, our heritage - and having trusted people hold the key of our success.