Giotto – midsummer-milano


The Giotto mattress has a round shape, with an inner core made of steel springs enclosed within two layers of horsehair. The springs can vary based on the desired level of firmness. The Giotto is characterized by a precious winter upholstering made up of silk mohair and Cheviot wool. For the summer season, the mattress presents a fresh and absorbing upholstering made of Cheviot wool, cotton and linen/ingeo. The mattress shows the Midsummer logo. 


Winter Mattress

  • Silk mohair
  • Cheviot wool 

Summer Mattress

  • Cheviot Wool
  • Cotton
  • Linen/Ingeo


Made of 1125 springs 


Made of 2250 springs 


Made of 2250 springs with an additional 2250 micro-springs

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