White and Gray Incontri Bed Set

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Entirely made of fine cotton, this set comprises two regular pillowcases, one top sheet, and one bottom sheet. Boasting a refined color combination of white and grey, this is a versatile and sophisticated addition to any designer bed and luxury mattress.  Other accessories are available separately.

Prize refers to a bed set sized for a 180x200 mattress. Please contact us for further request, we will be glad to realise the customization that suits your preferences the most in terms of size, colour and finish.

All our products are made in slow manufacturing by specialised craftsmen, who work with purely artisanal processes that consequently require a very different timeframe from their more industrially manufactured counterparts. Since the products are customised and made only on request, this results in delivery times of up to one and a half to two months. Once the order has been placed and paid for, we will contact you and notify you of the start and progress of the work until the product is shipped.