The Top bed system best represents our idea of giving our customers the absolute best in terms of design, natural materials and fabrics
Midsummer's textile vocation is expressed in a fully upholstered product. In the boxspring, no wooden or metal feet, but a solid ground support with textile legs, which enhance the line of the object and the care in manufacturing. Under the textile leg a thin walnut plate further enriches the object. 

The mattress has 5440 springs for total comfort. The mattress, like all ours, makes a winter side and a summer side. The winter side is filled with cachmere, Baby alpaca, mohair, horsehair and wool to be warm and cozy in the cold season while the summer side is filled with linen, silk, horsehair and wool. 

The topper also has summer and winter side with linen filling on the summer side and yak filling on the winter side. 

The fabrics, all from Loro Piana Interiors, are also different according to the seasons and their mix contributes to the harmony and beauty of the whole system. The topper in the winter side is upholstered in heavy linen with a border in the tone of the base and mattress that emphasizes the formal sophistication.  

The mattress is upholstered in cashmere/linen in the winter side and border while the summer side heavy linen in the color of the boxspring makes it unusual and special. 

The boxspring is upholstered in heavy linen in the same color as the summer side of the mattress. 

The mix of colors, materials and shapes creates a visually valuable object, valuable as materials and design but most importantly the most incredible wellness object you can imagine.

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