The Power of Harmony

Introducing our Top Bed System - an absolute top in design, comfort, and luxury. 


This bed, which is fully upholstered in Loro Piana Interiors fabrics, showcases Midsummer's commitment to using all natural materials and exquisite fabrics. 

The mattress has 5440 springs for total comfort and has a winter side and a summer side. The winter side is filled with cashmere, baby alpaca, mohair, horsehair and wool to be warm and cozy in the cold season while the summer side is filled with linen, silk, horsehair and wool. 

Also the topper has summer and winter sides with linen filling on the summer side and yak filling on the winter side. 

The fabrics, all from Loro Piana Interiors, are also different for the two sides and their careful mix contributes to the harmony and beauty of the whole system.

The winter side of the topper is upholstered in heavy linen and has a border in the same color as the base and the mattress.

A very chic and sophisticated look.  

The boxspring is upholstered in heavy linen in the same color as the summer side of the mattress. 

The mix of colours, materials and shapes immediately conveys the value of our Top Bed System: valuable natural materials, great design, unsurpassed comfort.