Nine must haves for your bedroom


At the the end of a long day, when the only thing that will do is to curl up in bed you’ll want to make sure you’re doing so in a beautiful, thoughtfully designed bedroom, your private space.

Sweet dreams are made of this…


1. Bed

The more comfortable the better. Our Midsummer beds all have a big boxspring handcrafted with natural materials by skilled Italian artisans. The boxspring works together with the mattress for a perfect sleep.


2. Bedside Table

Is a must have in any bedroom. There should always be a place within arm’s reach where you can put your book, reading glasses, a glass of water, and the many other things that you may need during the night.


3. Screen

If your room is large enough, a screen is the best way to create a detached corner, for example for make-up or to change clothes. It could divide the bedroom from a small reading corner. In short, a small private paradise that we always need.


4. Light

Light, solar or artificial, is one of the most important things for a bedroom. Let in as much sunlight as you can during the day, avoiding curtains, and for the night think of warm lights, which leave the room in a comfortable twilight.


5. Wallcoverings

If a great boxspring and a comfortable mattress are the basis of your perfect bedroom, decorative fabric panels make the bedroom warm and welcoming and help with soundproofing your sleeping. The decorative and colored patterns are the starting point to coordinate curtains and fabrics and make the environment harmonious


6. Blankets 

Especially in winter when the weather calls for turning the heating up and getting the room cozy, there is nothing more inviting than having a hot drink embraced by the warmth of a soft, comfortable, luxurious bed throw. 


7. Armchair or Sofa

Lying on the bed is always relaxing but in your room there should be something to sit on apart from the bed. Much comfortable if you want to read a book or drink a cup of tea.


8. Rug

Whatever type of flooring you have, you can hardly imagine a cozy room without a nice rug (in Midsummer we love the stylish Nodus rugs 


9. You

The room can be beautiful, simple or elegant, but it’s the people who live there who make it special. We firmly believe that your bedroom reflects your personality. This is the base of our idea of bespoke beds, decorations, colors and fabrics for each client. You'll always be the most unique piece of your own bedroom...