Making the best possible mattress


Our mattresses improve your sleep with natural breathable materials, warm in the cold season and cool in the hot season, completely breathable for a comfortable and perfectly dry sleep.

They are built starting from an internal heart of springs pocketed in cotton, more resistant than synthetic fabrics that are normally used. The springs that can be customized according to the customer's needs guarantee suitable support for each person.

Above the springs a thin layer of coconut is placed which together with the wool felt used for the side parts of the mattress creates a box that holds perfectly in axis the springs.

Above the box the horsehair, which comes to us from Argentina, is teased by hand. The horsehair cords are unwound and left in the sun only a week before creating the mattress so as to preserve the curl forever, which is equivalent to thousands of small and comfortable springs.

The horsehair is then closed with a cotton cloth on which a layer of noble materials such as cashmere and camel for the cold season and organic cotton supported by Ingeo for the warm season are placed

The hand-quilted side band and the hand tufting create a perfect, comfortable and durable mattress. A valuable piece of art that will follow you for life.