Elevate your sleep with a Midsummer-Milano topper

In the pursuit of the perfect night's sleep, we're thrilled to introduce our luxurious mattress toppers that promise to elevate your comfort and transform your bedtime routine. Whether you're seeking the warmth of winter coziness or the breathability of summer nights, our Midsummer collection offers an exceptional blend of materials for an unparalleled sleep experience.

With a range of materials, from cashmere to linen, and an array of colors to choose from, our mattress toppers are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep year-round.

Midsummer High Topper (10cm) Highlights:

  • Cashmere + Silk + Cheviot Wool + Microsprings: Luxuriously soft
  • Linen/IngeoTM + Silk + Cheviot Wool + Microsprings: Soft and breathable
  • Vicuña + Silk + Cheviot Wool + Microsprings: Exquisite comfort
  • 11 Layers - Cheviot Wool, Silk, Horsehair, Linen (Without Microsprings): Medium support

Midsummer Medium Topper (5 cm):

The Midsummer medium topper offers comfort without raising your mattress too high. Carefully selected materials ensure warmth in winter and freshness in summer, with or without micro springs.

  • Silk + Linen/IngeoTM + Wool + Microsprings (5 CM): Soft and breathable
  • Cheviot Wool + Horsehair (5 Layers, 5 CM): Medium support

Midsummer Thin Topper (3 cm):

Our thin topper provides a warm welcome and thermoregulation in a thin layer of precious materials.

Available in a splendid range of colors, our toppers can be upholstered with Loro Piana Interiors' linen or cashmere fabrics for an added touch of luxury.

Transform your sleep experience with our exclusive range of mattress toppers!

Wishing you blissful dreams,

The SleepWell Team