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Top Dream Boxspring

The Top Dream boxspring is our masterpiece.

A piece of art that will last a life. It is made completely by hand by our expert craftsmen, with independent hourglass springs fixed one by one on a fir frame and interlinked by 1200 knots of flax rope, covered with jute and hand sewn.
Filled with two kinds of natural straw, covered again with jute and a final layer of horsehair or natural straw.


Sizes (cm)

  • 200 × 200
  • 160 × 200
  • 100 × 200
  • King 193 × 203
  • Queen 153 × 203

Height (cm)

  • 21
  • 28


External cover in whitecotton/viscose fabric with the Midsummer logo

Two layers of flax and straw

Yuta fabric completely sewn by hand

Hourglass springs fixed one by one and interlinked by 1200 knots of flax rope

Yuta fabric

Fir wood boards

Cotton fabric



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