Superior Value

Transforming materials through craftsmanship: this is what creating is all about.

In the case of Midsummer creating is also about passion for the details. Conquering perfection requires care and time, experience and continuing attention.

Italian manufacturing stands for centuries of masterly knowhow that is passed down from generation to generation.

The choice of materials, the embroidery, the matching of different parts. Like in haute couture craftsmen build, assemble and finish each piece of the collection: each object is a truly unique piece and can be fully customized according to the customers’ needs.

This is the only way we could possibly build Midsummer products. An Italian line of mattresses, beds, small pieces of furniture for the bedroom, blankets and linens made from the finest materials: the best woods such as oak and walnut, the best fine wools such as alpaca, cashmere, the whitest horsehair and the best silk. Combining age old manufacturing traditions and timeless design with innovation is not an easy task, but maybe we have found the correct balance. 

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