Our commitment to the environment

Sustainability is a wide topic, that concerns every aspect of our life. The design industry is part of it and can contribute significantly to the well-being of the environment.

In Midsummer we create valuable products designed to last a lifetime, using only the best natural materials. Sustainable and totally recyclable.  
When a customer buys one of our mattresses, he buys a valuable product that will follow him for a lifetime. When, after ten or fifteen years, we will redo the external lining, we will use the same precious natural materials for the paddings that have accompanied the client for the last decade of his life.
We not only buy the best natural materials available on the market, but also those obtained with the best animal treatment. For this reason we buy horsehair in Austria, where the horses live free and develop a thick coat, the Yak who is a sacred animal in Tibet and whose fleece is handpicked by the nomads.
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