How we care about the environment


Hand-manufacturing a product of superior quality that lasts for a lifetime also means contributing to solving the mattress landfill crisis. In the United States alone, more than 20 million mattresses are thrown away each year - a dramatic figure.

Foam mattresses pose an obvious recycling problem as their materials quickly deteriorate and lose their original orthopaedic properties. They usually last for only a few years, meaning the need to dispose of them will occur rather frequently. Moreover, they derive from non-renewable resources which don't let the body perspire.

Midsummer mattresses, on the contrary, are made with natural materials that maintain their specificity over time, are renewable and easily recycled. This means that there is no need for their disposal, but only for a renewal of the mattress' cover every 15-20 years.

Using all the necessary time we build a long lasting object. Building a lasting object means using less natural resources, and reducing our environmental impact to a minimum.