Our bespoke approach

Superior Value

Gone are the days when customers would simply be satisfied with off-the-shelf mass produced furnitures. Discerning buyers want now something unique and tailored to their personal needs and tastes. 
Our bespoke approach starts form a simple customisation of size, headboard decoration and finish, to the developing of a truly custom-made bed, tailored to the exact customer's requirements.

Our craftsmanship

Each MIDSUMMER product is handmade in Italy from the highest quality material. Being handmade by our experienced craftsmen, each one is highly customisable to your exact needs and taste.
The beds come in any size you want, and so do the mattresses and the linens. 
With respect to mattresses, you can choose your preferred firmness as well as the number of layers and the padding materials: cashmere, silk, wool, horse-hair. The fabrics can be printed with the client design and colors, so ask us for your favorite motive and color palette.

Not only beds

Prints give the ultimate finishing touch to the bedroom, coming in many original patterns and fabrics. We customise prints on silk and cotton to create precious wall coverings and make your bedroom unique.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or specific requirement.