Beating of Wings

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I must have flowers next to me,
always, always!
- Claude Monet

The discreet embroidery of the leather headboard echoes the flowers of an imaginary garden.
This is an imposing bed with a feminine look, characterized by the use of the best leather and an elegant ton-sur-ton embroidery. The headboard is made of solid poplar with a light padding.
The wings are joined by brass hinges to allow for different positions. The bed is also available is a more compact version without the side wings.
The sommier is built around a frame of solid fir. The frame is padded with a layer of coconut fiber. A box of Bonnel springs ensures elasticity.
The boxspring is then covered with a layer of horsehair and wool and finished with an organic cotton lining with the Midsummer logo.
The legs are either solid oak or canaletto walnut.

Sizes (cm)

  • 200 × 200 - headboard with wings 330 × 8 × 130h or without wings 230 × 8 × 130h
  • 160 × 200 - headboard 160 × 8 × 130h
  • 100 × 200 - headboard 100 × 8 × 130h or 127 × 15 × 144h
  • King 193 × 203 - headboard 193 x 8 x 130h 
  • Queen 153 × 203 - headboard 153 × 8 × 130h

Others custom sizes available on request.


The headboard is made of solid poplar. The wings are joined by invisible brass hinges to allow for various angle positions.
The sommier has a frame in solid fir. The core is a box of Bonnell springs, covered by a layer of horsehair mixed with wool and finished with a cotton mat. The lining is white cotton.
The height of the sommier is 20 cm.
Headboard, bed and cushions have a pleated fixed cover. The lining has the Midsummer logo. The covers of both the headboard and bed cannot be removed.

Cover available in:
The 10 cm high legs have a square section and are slightly flared. Made of solid walnut or oak, they are treated with natural wax. Felt protection underneath.

Delivery Times

Available in 6-8 weeks.

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