First Dream Mattress

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The First Dream line uses season-specific comfortable and breathable materials.

For the cold season a warm and comfortable material such as precious cashmere and the best Italian wool, while for the warm season the padding is made up of fresh and absorbent materials such as linen and cotton.

The core of the mattress is made of steel springs, environmentally friendly, 7 independent zone springs, 830 springs (for the double size mattress) pocketed individually. The box system is made of an innovative Energytouch polyurethane without CFC. 

The mattresses are covered in pure cotton. The handles are embroidered with the Midsummer logo.


Medium. You may add a feather, silk, horse hair or wool topper to get a touch of softness.

ONE HEIGHT - 22 cm

As the mattresses are made with natural materials they can give 1-2cm with use.


Sizes (cm)

  • 200 × 200
  • 160 × 200
  • 100 × 200
  • King 193 × 203
  • Queen 153 × 203

Height (cm)

  • 22


10 layers:

1. External quilted cover in white cotton/viscose fabric

2. Padding for the summer side: linen

3. Box system in polyurethane free from CFC

4. High quality felt

5. 7-zone indipendentemente springs (approx 830 springs per square meter).

6. Box in CFC-free polyurethane

7. High quality felt

8. Padding for the winter side: cashmere and wool

9. External quilted cover in white cotton/viscose fabric

10. Perimeter band in white quilted cotton with air vents for air circulation and sewn handles for easier transport



MEDIUM - 7 zone indipendent springs (approx 830 springs per square meter). 



Delivery Times

Available in 6-8 weeks.

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